4 Steps to Build a Memorable Brand Identity in 2020 - Chelsea Krost

Last updated: 02-17-2020

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4 Steps to Build a Memorable Brand Identity in 2020 - Chelsea Krost

Do you know what Coca-Cola, Nike, and McDonald’s have in common?  Well, if you ask around, you’ll see that everyone knows each brand’s iconic logo and trademark.

Developing a brand identity sure sounds like a lot of work. I mean, how can you make a name for yourself when the competition out there is so grand? While it will take time to reach Nike’s level of recognition, with the right brand marketingstrategy you’ll manage to make a name for yourself and join the pantheon of memorable brands.

First of all, brand identity is different from your brand image. Brand identity entails all of the elements that your business creates to make consumers understand what your brand is about. Your logo, name, colors, video content, and taglines are the things that will help your audience understand it’s you.

On the other hand, brand image is the general idea your customers have of your brand. Usually, this perception varies from customer to customer. For instance, some customers might consider your brand very reliable, whereas others might think the opposite.

Your logo is the face of your company, so coming up with an incredible design should be your top priority. Memorable logos have a few things in common. These things are mainly the perfect color and typeface combination.

Let’s take Coca-Cola, for instance. The company has one of the most memorable logos out there.

So, what makes it so recognizable?

This thing right here:

The red color used by the brand is, according to the psychology of color, usually associated with excitement, passion, and energy. But, as a color, red also tends to encourage appetite, so Coca-Cola’s choice is quite strategic. The bold background color and the white font make the perfect combination that is simple, yet powerful enough to remember and associate with the brand.

To develop an amazing brand identity, consumers need to hear your brand name and assign a specific product to it.  For instance, if someone asks you what comes to mind when you listen to the word “Oreo,” you’ll immediately think of cream-filled cookies.

Consumers recognizing and assigning a specific product to your brand means that you have already established a brand identity. However, to be memorable, consumers need to recognize your products as well. To do that, you need to incorporate your design into your product and packaging.

One of the most examples comes from Christian Louboutin’s shoe brand.

To create a memorable brand identity, you need to create the right personality for your brand. Choosing the right language is easy since the only thing you need to think about is whether you want your brand to be more formal or more casual. For instance, brands like Gucci have a more professional tone, whereas others like the Dollar Shave Club use a more casual and friendlier approach.

Building a personality that will be authentic, though, requires careful planning and the power of social media.  A prime example of a company that has developed a stunning brand identity is Moonpie. The company managed to curate content and create a brand personality that has excited its audience.

Here’s an example from the brand’s Twitter profile:

While your brand personality will help you stand out, your vision and core values will ultimately help you create a brand that’s hard to forget. In this case, you should highlight the mission of your brand and tell them your story. To do that, you need to be honest with your audience and show them that you are genuinely passionate about something.

This will enhance your brand’s character and distinguish it from other impersonal brands out there. After all, people love supporting brands that are committed to making a change. So, incorporating your core values into your brand is absolutely essential.

Here’s an example from Fazil:

Telling your story is a great way to boost the credibility of your online store and give new customers a reason to shop from you.

Developing a memorable brand identity will differentiate your brand from the competition and help you stand out. To rock your branding strategy, you need to come up with an amazing design, create an extraordinary personality and tell your story.

So, are you ready to rock your brand marketing strategy and see your business flourish?

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