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Last updated: 10-29-2019

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Automate Your Digital Marketing | Website Designs Content Marketing

I’m a small business owner, in fact I’m an army of one and yet I manage to compete with businesses employing hundreds of people with multi-million dollar budgets. Since automating my digital marketing I’ve become what is known as an influencer, I’ve even been listed as a top ten content marketing influencer, top 100 social media marketing influencer plus a few others. Newspapers and Magazines ask me for quotes they can publish, I often get interviewed and my audience know all about me and see me as an authority figure. Imagine what would happen to your business if you did, as I did and automate your marketing.

Everything starts with understanding your audience, once you do you understand what their problems, issues and ultimately their buying points are. Utilizing this information as your basis, you need to create or have created as much content as possible. If you work smartly and repurpose your content it isn’t as bad as it sounds, consider this; Interview nine of your experts (eight plus you) meaning you have nine actual interviews, depending on their length you have nine separate blog posts, three three-person interview blog posts and one nine-person interview blog post.

Before you can automate your marketing, you need to have a base number of articles on your website. If you think of each article being one piece of content that you can promote on social media, twenty-four articles mean you can Tweet once an hour on Twitter…  this is the minimum base number of articles you need and you should be adding to these ideally daily but as a minimum weekly.

These blog posts can be loaded into your website and scheduled to publish when you wish them to, in my case at 6am each day. I tend to work one, two or three weeks ahead as this gives me total flexibility.

I send a weekly email newsletter out each week. The newsletter is based upon a pre-configured template that contains the sales messages, call to actions that I want included. All the other content is automatically pulled from my websites blog posts and automatically placed within my newsletter. This is then sent out automatically, with bounce backs, etc., all automatically handled. What this means is simple, I add content to my website and I never really think of my newsletter as everything is automated, I just sit back and see the inquiries come in, as each newsletter is sent out.

Every single business should use be actively using Twitter, it is the simplest of the social media networks to grow… I grew mine from almost zero to over one hundred thousand followers in just twelve months. It’s also possible to turn your blog posts into automated marketing messages, which are sent to Twitter and promoted to your followers. I generated tens of thousands of visitors to my website from Twitter each month by sending two randomly generated tweets out every 11 minutes. In addition to promoting my blog posts, I also send a number of purely promotional marketing tweets each day, these are scheduled to post automatically each day… kind of like a set and forget.

Additionally, I also use Twitter to grow my Facebook following, every single person that follows me on Twitter is sent a direct message asking them if they would like to connect with my business page on Facebook.

Everyone uses Facebook which means that if you want to find your audience go there… every single business should have a business page, which your followers can like and follow. Do not ask them to become your personal friends, treat your business and your personal account completely differently especially as you have an awful lot more business followers than you can friends.

Once again all your blog posts can be scheduled to be promoted on Facebook, I promote my own blog posts to Facebook, every four hours two articles are promoted on Facebook, automatically without and involvement once set up… this once again generated visitors to my website and also direct contact via Facebook.

As with Facebook my posts to LinkedIn are fully automated, random blog posts are promoted to LinkedIn every few hours, generating interest, website visitors, leads and sales.

When I set out my own digital marketing strategy, I wanted my website to be the centre of my marketing universe as it should be as I own it and I control it… it would be foolish to build your whole marketing campaign on someone elses platform only to find that change and all of your marketing efforts defunct.

With my website as the center of my marketing universe my social media accounts are the planets within it… the idea being that people can search for an find my content on the search engines. They will run across it on the main social media platforms and if I’m doing things right they will run across my material multiple times per day/week. The idea being that whenever they need services such that I offer they think, let’s give Steve a call he knows what he is talking about, end result a completely automated marketing machine that actually works and generates real results.

Would you like something like this set-up for you. It’s not that hard you and your staff can be trained to do everything required or I can do the whole thing for you… the first step however is to get in touch, to do so click here and send me a message.

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