What is the Most Trusted Social Media Platform in B2B?

Last updated: 12-21-2019

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What is the Most Trusted Social Media Platform in B2B?

Marketers spend a good portion of their careers trying to get ahead of the curve when it comes to identifying and adopting the latest marketing trends. In fact, it’s probably one of the reasons why you’re here. But being the trending topic yourself—whether B2B brand or thought leader—is a challenging feat. How can you break through the noise on social media platforms to elevate your brand and gain traction for eBooks, blogs, and bylines if you’re one of so many fighting for the attention of internet passerby?

One way is to be on the right channels, and for B2B marketing that means tapping into the power of the B2B big three: Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. But not all of these platforms will work for your brand, so knowing which one is most trusted by buyers will help you focus your marketing time and energy on managing the channel that will give you the most ROI as a B2B company.

So which one is most trusted? The numbers are in from the 2020 B2B Marketing Mix Report and there’s a true standout social medium: LinkedIn. With more than 530 million users, LinkedIn is recognized as the number one B2B networking platform. It’s the most used by B2B professionals, garnering 9 billion content impressions from 3 million users sharing content each week. And data from this year’s B2B Marketing Mix shows it’s likely because users in the B2B world trust LinkedIn more than any other social media channel—they trust it with their professional posts but also with their business posts.

The Mix surveyed B2B folks working in professional and business services, technology, advertising and marketing, health and life sciences, manufacturing, finance and insurance, and other areas of B2B business. Though Facebook is a close runner-up with 73% of those surveyed considering it their most used social media channel, a whopping 86% marked LinkedIn as their top platform.

Data also shows that respondents have reported seeing results and ROI from conducting paid social media campaigns. And if they’re using paid tactics, it’s likely on LinkedIn, where marketers have the ability to target prospects and leads via industry, location, job title, and more. This makes sense, because trusted brands are often the ones producing new valuable in-platform tools for their customers to leverage in addition to connecting people and sharing helpful thought leadership content—all of which LinkedIn does well. The 2019 B2B Trusted Brands Report also showed that even though both Facebook and Twitter have similar business marketing tools for reaching the customers of their customers, LinkedIn has really perfected this service, going above and beyond to meet the unique needs of today’s busy B2B markets. With options like Sponsored InMail, Sponsored Content, and Matched Audiences, LinkedIn is the only platform to perfect paid tactics for personalization and account-based marketing, letting marketers speak directly to prospects that are right for their business. And not only is it a trustworthy brand in functionality and appearance, but it  lets other companies appear more trustworthy by extension.

How are other marketers like yourself tapping into the power of B2B’s most trusted social media platform? In many ways. It’s actually a great medium to use in experimenting with some of 2020’s top trends:

Do you agree with the data? Do you consider LinkedIn your most trusted brand? Explore new ways to leverage LinkedIn in your marketing strategy for 2020 to take advantage of all it has to offer in B2B.

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