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Navigating the Logistics of Event Ground Transportation

Last updated: 09/29/2019

Let’s face it, ground transportation can be a headache. Constantly changing itineraries, one hundred points of contact from touch down to hotel arrival, unreliable drivers,...

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3 Easy Ways To Make More Money In Your Business

Last updated: 09/26/2019

3 Easy Ways To Make More Money In Your Business 1 Shares Exactly How Do I Set Pricing? This is a long blog that you are going to want to star, keep, print and refer to for the...

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Why Under Pressure is an Understatement for Event Managers

Last updated: 08/28/2019

Career Cast released their list of most stressful jobs of 2017. After the ones you'd expect like soldier, military general, firefighter and police officer, there was one you...

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10 Reasons Event Creators Love Their Job

Last updated: 08/26/2019

Event management isn’t for the faint of heart. Long hours on your feet, stress-inducing vendors, and last-minute challenges are all par for the course. But for a select few,...

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5 ways to eliminate last-minute time-management tendencies

Last updated: 08/21/2019

In a whole host of different careers and lines of work, time management is important. In meeting and event planning industries it is absolutely paramount, with many people...

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5 Event Design Tips That Will Spark Your Creativity

Last updated: 08/17/2019

Great event design gets its inspiration from a multitude of sources. Maybe that inspiration comes from the world of high-end hotel designers, or it could even be found in the...

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4 Automation Hacks Every Event Prof Needs to Know - Eventbrite US Blog

Last updated: 08/08/2019

When you’re in the throes of planning your event, there are a million moving pieces to manage. Setting upautomated taskscan save you and your team serious time (and...

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The Role of Future Event Planners

Last updated: 07/28/2019

This is a sponsored post by Omnience. More information about Event Manager Blog’s sponsored posts. As long as there are events, planners will be around to ensure they run...

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Post Straight To Search Results With Google Posts

Last updated: 07/27/2019

Google opens up Google Posts allowing verified organisations to post directly to search results. Google has opened up a new feature called Google Posts. Google Posts now allows...

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Five new Event Technology Awards’ categories - Event Industry News

Last updated: 07/26/2019

Organiser Event Industry News (EIN) has announced five new categories for the fifth edition of the Event Technology Awards (ETA), which opens for entries on Monday 3rd...

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