6 Negative Reviews That Affect Your Event's Reputation -- And How To Prevent Them

Last updated: 01-25-2020

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6 Negative Reviews That Affect Your Event's Reputation -- And How To Prevent Them

Running a successful event means keeping an eye on your online and offline reputation. So it's important to address negative reviews before they hit today's multiple communication channels. Here are six negative reviews that affect your event's reputation, as well as tips on how to prevent them in the first place.

Your volunteers are frequently the first people your attendees may meet, so they need to be able to answer basic questions such as where to park or what's the cost of registration. Training your volunteers and providing them the tools they need succeed is essential to fostering good service at your events. InitLive's event day app offer volunteers quick access to important documents and the ability to communicated with your leadership team when questions arise on the job. 

Offer self-registration and options for paying online. If you wish, you can also offer a discounted fee for early bird registration. This way, you'll show today's tech savvy public that you provide a quick, easy, and efficient way to register for your event. And if you compare the current number of online registrants with the number of people who registered the year before without the convenience of online registration, you'll see a big improvement.  

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Give your volunteer staff a sense of autonomy by granting them the capacity (and the responsibility) of finding substitutes. Keep an updated list available of approved alternates your volunteers can contact in case of an emergency. 

Assign floaters beforehand to empty trash when things get busy. In addition, have them cross-trained to pitch in at various stations when your assigned staff get too busy to attend to cleanup. You'll easily eliminate complaints by keeping all areas of your event site tidy and professional.  

Running a paperless event where everything is accessible online through one event communication tool eliminates the excessive use of paper and holds down costs. It also delivers the message to today's environmentally-conscious public that you're running an eco-friendly event every step of the way.

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By allowing attendees to post online questions or concerns while the event is taking place, you'll fix problems before they're reported on a post-event review -- or tweeted by disgruntled participants. And your guests will be more likely to give a glowing review.

To reduce and eliminate negative post-event reviews which impact your event's reputation, use InitLive's all-in-one event management and communication tool. Post training, scheduling with self-signup and shift-change options, policies and emergency procedures to make your event run smoothly. And by creating an online venue for your participants to post concerns in real time, your volunteers will respond immediately to a situation before it becomes a problem. In the end, you'll earn raving reviews for a job well done. 

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