20 Event Planning Guides for Every Step of Your Event - Eventbrite

Last updated: 03-11-2020

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20 Event Planning Guides for Every Step of Your Event - Eventbrite

No matter how long you’ve been an event creator, there’s always a new challenge. It’s what makes the profession stressful — and so rewarding. Toprevent burnout, even the most experienced event creator could use a go-to event planning guide to help you solve a problem.

There are guides for every step of the way. Whether you need tips on securing sponsors, industry insights, or how to get more out of advertising on social media. Here are 20 guides to turn to for each of your most pressing challenges.

Looking for a resource on the latest industry trends? Or maybe a few tips on picking out a nontraditional venue? These event planning guides will get your creative juices flowing.

For this report, 1,000 event professionals in the U.S. and Canada weighed in about the trends and opportunities for the event industries in 2018.

Who are your attendees? Why do they attend events like yours? What makes the difference for them between a fine event and a must-attend? Learn how to nail the attendee experience.

The recent failures of several new festivals have proven the need to create a unique experience. This guide breaks down the three stages of crafting an event that will stand the test of time.

As an event creator, the pressure and stakes are high. In this guide, productivity experts at Asana provide tips for setting up more efficient workflows to help reduce stress.

More and more event creators are looking at their venue as a way to deliver one-of-a-kind experiences. Find out why in this guide from Eventbrite and Peerspace.

Organize an event outside the ballroom

From email marketing to social media, there are many ways your attendees want to hear from you. Discover the best ones to use for your event in these event planning guides.

Looking for a comprehensive overview of the event marketing process? Discover how to engage attendees, reach new ones, and turn interested web visitors into paid attendees.

Social media drives nearly 25% of views to ticketing pages. Discover the small upgrades in your social media marketing strategy that can equal big increases in ticket sales.

What would happen if instead of focusing on attracting new people, you turned more existing site visitors into ticket buyers?Learn how simple changes to your website can help you dramatically increase ticket sales.

A guide to selling out your event

A sophisticated social media strategy goes beyond simple posts to include raffles, direct messages to followers, and purchases embedded in Facebook. Advanced event marketing techniques build engagement and drive ticket sales. But without technology to manage these efforts, they can become unwieldy.

Sponsors are a critical part of any event’s budget — but winning the right brands over can be a frustrating experience for many event creators. Here’s how to win sponsorships today.

With insights from experts like the Sponsorship Collective, this guide provides you with the top trends and best practices you need to secure the right sponsors.

How to get the event sponsors you want

Is determining the right cost for your sponsorship assets keeping you up at night? Before you blindly assign dollar amounts, let this guide help you get it just right. =

Do youfind it difficult to identify, secure, and retain sponsors for your event? Don’t worry — you’re in good company. Discover the seven most frequently made mistakes events make when selling event sponsorship.

Better understand the value your event can offer potential sponsors, and have a more effective way to track progress with this tipsheet.

New venue or location? Don’t worry. These event planning guides will help you get everything from accessibility to permits right.

Organizing your event to be more accessible widens your reach, makes attendees feel welcome, and fosters an environment of inclusivity. It’s a win-win.

How to make your event more accessible

Resolve the inevitable challenges faster — and protect your attendees from the pandemonium? Learn how to avoid complications onsite, minimize social backlash, and use communications to manage attendee’s expectations.

Your ticketing partner is one of the most important choices you can make as an event creator. Here are two resources that will help you make sure you’ve picked the right one.

Use this guide to find the right solution that meets your team’s needs — and convince your boss that making the change is better for their business.

How to successfully power your events

Scaling your event doesn’t have to require endless investment and growing complexity. But it will require more efficiency. That’s where event automation comes in.

If you’re using online ticketing or registration platform and mobile event apps, you’re sitting on an abundance of data. Learn how to use your event data to make crucial decisions that drive sales, surpass attendee’s expectations, and fuel the success of future events.

Sometimes a checklist can make the difference between feeling fried and feeling in control. Here are two to help you in the days leading up to your event.

While not everything will go exactly to plan at your event (is that even possible?), you’ll rest easier if you can stay organized. This guide will help you handle any loose ends while the clock is ticking, loudly.

Make sure you’ve covered your bases before the day of your event with this checklist, including all the key tasks you need to accomplish pre-event.

Looking for something more in-depth than an event planning guide? Check out our free onlineEvent Marketing Course & Certification.

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