Transforming Your Business Through Smart B2B Networking

Last updated: 10-25-2019

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Transforming Your Business Through Smart B2B Networking

Federico Cella, founder and CEO of Lynkos (pictured left), a B2B social networking platform, shares his insights on the power of well-designed networking to transform businesses. For information on Lynkos visit

Q: What is the main aspect of social media that businesses neglect when it comes to networking? A: There are several aspects that businesses overlook. First, businesses’ main oversight is not making the strategic decisions. Second, if they do make those decisions, they don’t find the essential resources to implement them. And third, businesses often do not have a systemic approach to leads from social networks. Automating the capture and follow-up of social leads can pretty much put a business pipeline on auto-pilot. But it is not an easy task and usually requires the integration of multiple tools.

Q: How can Customer Relationship Management (CRM) improve the way companies advertise themselves online?

A: There’s a lot of competition for an ad slot, and making your online advertising campaign efficient requires you to know and fine-tune how you present your business, to whom, where, at what time, etc. Starting an online campaign without having this information can be very inefficient, either by paying for clicks you are not looking for, or by paying a lot more than what your business model can afford. CRMs can provide very valuable information about your current customers, that you can use to better target your potential audience and design an efficient marketing strategy.

Q: As more startups begin to capitalize on the growth of business networking, what do you feel is the biggest factor that is getting ignored?

A: I see lots of small, medium–even large–businesses that view social networks as nothing more than a company profile with updates to be shared, liked or commented on. But there are hundreds of applications that integrate to these ecosystems that can add value in infinite ways to a given business–from email marketing to bots automation. And they can empower sales, promote customer retention and offer substantial cost-savings. I think that a very large percentage of businesses still need to take the time to explore what’s out there.

Q: With trends like AI, big data, and programmatic advertising drastically changing B2B marketing, how is Lynkos bracing for these changes?

A: There are many features in Lynkos that businesses use to empower sales and customer relationships. But what Lynkos is all about is consolidating generated and automated content from business web pages, social networks, directories and more. Our next target is to integrate Lynkos to as many third party apps as we can and transforming raw data into intelligence that businesses can use.

Q: What are some final tips for startups who want to differentiate themselves from their competition online?

A: To stand out you have to take that challenge seriously and dedicate the best resources you can find to execute a powerful and consistent online strategy.

Federico Cella, from Montevideo, Uruguay, received a degree in Business Administration from ORT, studied at Exeter, and was Six Sigma Certified in Aveta Business Institute and in Managerial Development in IEEM. He began his career at Aiva, which his mother, Maria Noel Ache, founded. They were selected by Endeavor Uruguay as Endeavor Entrepreneurs in 2007. He started Lynkos with Endeavor Entrepreneur Gabriel Colla after leaving Aiva in 2008. Through Lynkos, Federico and Gabriel hope to revolutionize asset management and financial intermediation. Federico is married and enjoys playing soccer. ___________________________________________________________________________

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