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Last updated: 10-23-2019

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How to Achieve Personalization at Scale on Facebook’s Platforms | AdExchanger

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More than 2.7 billion people now use Facebook and its family of platforms – including Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp – every month.[1]

In this age of platform-based interactions, Facebook ad campaigns and customer service features are no longer a “nice-to-have,” they have become a necessary touchpoint to build customer relationships and drive conversions.  But capitalizing on Facebook’s scale, while meeting consumer expectations for personalization and ad relevance, introduces unique challenges for marketers. Nearly 74% of marketing leaders report they struggle to scale their personalization efforts, according to Gartner’s 2018 State of Personalization Report.[2]

“The scale of Facebook can present a really powerful opportunity,” said Artur Souza, Director, Solutions Engineer at Facebook. “There’s so much that can be done with so many different people on the platform – each with different needs and expectations. This can start to feel like a double-edged sword for advertisers, so our goal is to help them navigate this complexity with our solutions and partners.”

Facebook’s solutions, such as the Marketing API – paired with strategic partners – introduce new process efficiencies that make comprehensive, personalized campaigns more achievable at scale.

Here are three ways brands can use Facebook’s customizable tools and resources to engage more of their audience, more effectively.

However, delivering a live chat solution to customers at scale can require significant resource and budget allocations – and still might fail to live up to their high expectations.

By integrating easy-to-setup automated lead generation features into the Messenger chat experience, brands can move seamlessly between automated and live chat messaging to qualify and nurtue leads while creating cost-effective, efficient Q&A sessions. Newly generated leads can be synced directly with CRM systems, so sales teams can take immediate action.

“People want to be able to react to ads and product offerings in real time,” Souza said. “That’s how it works in the store, and more and more that is how they expect it to work online too. Automated lead generation takes some of the pressure off your customer service team by combining the benefits of real agents and machine learning.”

That’s where Facebook APIs can help introduce valuable automation and efficiency to ad delivery on the platform – allowing advertisers to cut through the noise with ads that speak to individual customer needs.

“When you think about what personalization at scale looks like, there are people at all stages of the conversion funnel,” Souza said. “As a result, there are a lot of things to figure out – for instance what you are willing to pay for a bid for one individual versus another and which types of creative will be more impactful for each audience segment.”

Facebook’s collection of APIs act as the building blocks for brands to infuse personalization and customization across four areas of their campaigns:

Together these customizable tools offer added resource efficiency and advanced lead generation capabilities that simplify the campaign process – while simultaneously expanding its potential impact.

Facebook helps its advertisers navigate this challenge by providing access to a wide range of specialists through the Facebook Marketing Partner Program. Facebook Marketing Partners (FMPs) provide essential marketing capabilities from campaign management to cross-channel measurement to creative production and beyond. Each Facebook-certified partner is equipped to do the legwork for organizations who don’t have the capacity or technological knowledge to launch and manage their own solutions on Facebook.

And for Facebook partners, the Partner Directory and badge delivers visibility and credibility to potential clients about their specific capabilities and solution strengths.

Facebook Marketing Partners – who specialize in campaign management, creative, messaging, measurement, commerce and other technical requests – can deliver tailored solutions to businesses of any size.

These accessible resources empower brands to focus on their business goals, while Facebook partners deliver behind-the-scenes results that drive the brand forward.

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