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Last updated: 10-26-2019

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5 Reasons to Hire a Local SEO Expert - Quick Web Designs

Gone are the days when a TV or radio ad was enough to draw people to your local shop. We’re in the internet age — a time when smartphones and social media rule. If you want to rule online search rankings and be in first place in potential customers’ minds, you need a local SEO expert to help you to get there.

Many small businesses view SEO, or search engine optimization, as an extra expense they don’t need. At the same time, other business owners are taking full advantage of SEO. If you’re in the first category of business owners, you’re being left behind in the digital dust.

Do you want to boost your online exposure, increase your website traffic, and drive more local leads? Here’s a rundown of the five top reasons to hire a local SEO expert.

One of the biggest reasons to hire a local SEO expert is to increase your chances of being found in local online searches.

Consumers conduct local searches to find specific businesses or to locate certain services or products. If you use local search strategies, you can more effectively promote your offerings to local buyers when they are on the prowl for your kind of business. And that’s the best time to connect with potential customers — when they desperately need you.

Are you listed on a free listing called Google My Business? If not, or if you don’t know anything about this listing, don’t worry — a local SEO expert can help you with it.

Google offers this listing for virtually every business, and getting onto that list is like getting onto the VIP list for the biggest concert of the year. You’ll boost your likelihood of appearing high in customers’ local Google search results. And that’s enough to make you want to sing.

This page is so valuable because customers can post reviews saying how much they love your business. The more customers rate your company on this online directory, the more credibility your business will have. Also, the more positive reviews you receive, the higher you’ll rank on Google, as these reviews are a major factor in companies’ local SEO rankings.

Many local companies have yet to figure out the value of online marketing. That’s why Joe the Plumber up the block or Sally the Beautician down the road still don’t even have websites up and running.

This is great news for you, as it means you can get the head start you need with SEO before your competition wises up and begins to take SEO more seriously.

With traditional advertising, such as direct mail, leaflets, and local newspapers, wasted exposure is unavoidable. But when you use local SEO, you don’t have to worry about wasted exposure.

Low-cost local SEO allows you to reach consumers when they truly need you, which makes it cost-effective and efficient. In other words, you get more bang for your buck.

Remember the Yellow Pages from back in the day? Local SEO is a lot like the digital version of these pages.

Instead of turning yellow pages to find a home remodeler, most local customers now turn to Google, type in “home remodeler” and “near me” or their city name, and push “Enter.” Then, Google produces local businesses most relevant to the search.

The question is, is your business coming up as the most relevant in your industry?

Going back to your Google My Business page, what’s so great about this directory is that you can select the categories you want your business to be associated with. You can also offer a description of your business that incorporates keywords. All of this affects the search results in which you are displayed.

The local newspaper is quickly becoming the way of the dinosaurs: extinct. In fact, research shows that local papers have lost a whopping 80% of readers during the past two decades.

Why? Because an increasing number of people are getting their local information from the World Wide Web these days. When it comes to commerce, they’re using their tablets or mobile phones to find the top local businesses while on the go.

For instance, a customer with a hankering for a cupcake might look up a local dessert shop on her smartphone while walking downtown during her lunch break. If your cupcake shop doesn’t show up in the list of relevant shops, you’ve missed a valuable opportunity to get a guaranteed customer. And nothing leaves a bad taste in your mouth like a lost sale.

Fortunately, the services of a local SEO expert covers both mobile and PC internet access, so you never have to miss out on potential customers.

Google My Business is a great resource, but other online directors are also important parts of your marketing strategy.

For instance, you’ve probably heard of Foursquare, Citysearch, and Yelp. These directories display companies’ names, addresses, telephone numbers and extra information, such as business descriptions or menus for restaurants.

Local directories take over most local search results’ first pages. So, by using these types of directories effectively, you can easily generate more leads and then convert these leads into customers.

Nothing works like local SEO when it comes to generating buzz around your business in the local marketplace.

As part of our top-notch internet marketing services, we offer access to a tried-and-true five-phase SEO marketing method. We also feature a team of experts with 20 years’ worth of experience to solve your local SEO problems and answer your questions, whether they are major or minor.

In addition, we provide around-the-clock access to a unique, user-friendly client dashboard that offers plenty of essential data about your business site’s visitor analytics and marketing projects.

We take marketing your business seriously. Get in touch with us to find out more about how our local SEO expert services can drive you to first place in today’s competitive marketplace.

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