5 Lesser-Known Tips to Find Social Media Success on Instagram

Last updated: 01-14-2020

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5 Lesser-Known Tips to Find Social Media Success on Instagram

Instagram has emerged as a highly addictive social network. The social media sharing app has attracted the attention of teens and millennials on a worldwide level. If you’re an Instagram user too, you have definitely wanted to make it big but maybe you have not seen the dawn of the day yet. I assume that you’ve also desperately looked for some great tips and pieces of advice for help. But most of the articles you’ve read talk about tips that are just too common.

So, would you like to know some of those tips that can prove to be the secret sauce to your Instagram success?

How is it that some Instagram accounts are so popular while many others only dream of getting big and famous? Almost all Instagram users know about posting consistently, using hashtags and posting quality content.

So, let’s not talk about what you already know. Instead, we’ll talk about some lesser-know Instagram growth tips that you should be using to find more success on the popular social platform.

There are many tips, tricks, features and options that are not widely known to all users. But those who know these hacks are finding it easy to use Instagram to its fullest potential while leaving others envious. It’s completely possible to succeed and get famous on Instagram. It indeed is!

Let’s move on beyond the basic Instagram tips and discover those lesser know tips that can be your ticket to Instagram success.

Even if you’ve been an Instagram user for quite some time now, I bet you’ve not done enough research. Have you ever taken a microscopic look at your favorite accounts? Why some of the feeds attract you so much? To stand out on Instagram, you should be able to aesthetically appeal to people. So, don the researcher’s hat and start studying your favorite Instagram accounts on a deeper level. Find out what exactly you’re planning to achieve on Instagram, and then pick a certain tone which aligns with the specific color values of your company or products. Design your grid in a way that’s visually attractive and different from others.

If you’re looking for more help to create a unique grid for your Instagram, thisPreview appis a high recommend.

Did you know that you could lend prominence to your Instagram bio by using special fonts that’s not available in the Instagram community? Well, it’s doable – both via mobile devices and on desktop. Emojis look good, but adding some new fonts to your bio will immediately set you apart.

There are many third-party websites that enable you to add new fonts to your Instagram bio. Using these tools, you can generate attractive fonts and then copy-paste the text to your Instagram profile.Lingojam, which can be used via a mobile device, is one good example of such websites. Go to this site on your phone and type the text for your bio and the next moment, you’ll see your bio in different types of new fonts in the box on the right hand side. Pick the one that you like most and paste it in your bio section on Instagram. There are similar websites that you can use to edit your Instagram bio from a desktop computer or laptop.

A hashtag isn’t anything you can type. The purpose of using hashtags is to expand the reach of your posts. Though Instagram grants you the freedom to use as many as thirty hashtags in a single post, you should use hashtags in a strategic manner. Avoid using hashtags that have a high popularity because you won’t really be able to match up to the competition that comes with those hashtags. Instead, use those hashtags that are moderately popular. It’s a good idea to use a third-party tool likeFocalmarkto filter hashtags and use only the most effective ones.

Instagram stories offer an excellent way for getting like-minded users to come across your profile, provided you do it right. The more creative you are with your stories, the easier it will be for you to stand out on Instagram. That’s exactly where the Type Mode option comes in. Using the tools in Type Mode, you can edit the appearance of your stories to make them look visually stunning.

With the help of the tools available in Type Mode, you can create a text-only story, add text to a video story, edit font colors, change font size etc. Explore this option and use it to your best advantage for success.

You won’t always come up with story-worthy content to post in your Instagram. But you don’t have to wait until you have something new and interesting to share. It’s a good idea to pick an inspiring post from someone else on Instagram and then share it via your own story – after a few tweaks. When you add a post to your story, you’ll have the option to edit it in the same way as you do to your own stories. Redesign the post a little here and there as you like and then share it in your Instagram story.

[P.S.- You can add a user’s post to your Instagram story only if they have a public account or they have enabled resharing of their posts.]

Millions of business owners, online marketers are entrepreneurs are using Instagram to boost brand awareness, drive momentum among the audience and attract a large number of real customers. In fact, doing all of this is a lot of fun. If you take a strategic approach and let your creative juices flow, you too will enjoy the process of using Instagram to your benefits. Now that you have these secret tips in your marketing arsenal, you can amp up your activities and turn your Instagram account into a steady source of customers and sales.

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