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Last updated: 02-17-2020

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Cut Through SEO Confusion and Get More Google Traffic - Copyblogger -

We’ve heard the success stories of business owners who see huge sales growth by exploding their search traffic with search engine optimization (“SEO”). And yet, most remain mystified on how to make it happen.

It sounds so complicated, especially on top of everything else you have on your plate. There’s keywords, domain authority, meta descriptions, backlinks, site speed, link disavows, silos, yada yada yada.

Ready to cut through the noise and confusion and move forward?

What you need is to pay attention to a few subtle — yet vitally important — rules when it comes to your content and your website. Once you do, a firehose of free organic traffic can be yours for the taking.

Best of all, the traffic that comes to your site through search will always be targeted and relevant. That’s because search traffic has “intent” behind it. The idea is to attract your ideal prospect who has searched for exactly what it is that you’re offering.

If you follow these rules and you are consistent, you’ll see exceptional success with your digital marketing, which will naturally enhance your bottom line and overall business.

And we’re going to share these rules with you.

We’re hosting a FREE live training workshop, taught by Copyblogger partner and SEO expert Tim Stoddart, that will help you get started with the basics of smart search optimization.

We’ll be covering the key elements that lay the foundation for a lucrative long-term SEO strategy. In this value-packed webinar, you’ll discover:

There won’t be any complicated lingo and confusing “guru” talk. This webinar will deliver the basics of modern SEO in a no-nonsense, simple-to-understand presentation.

Even better, after the webinar, you’ll feel ready to immediately start optimizing your site for more Google traffic. Which means you’ll be on your way to turning traffic into money!

Tim Stoddart is a managing partner at Copyblogger. For the past 8 years, Tim has been CEO of Stodzy Internet Marketing. He currently lives in Nashville with his wife and their pitbull named Alice.

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