Cork Promotional Products to Promote Sustainable Branding

Last updated: 11-20-2019

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Cork Promotional Products to Promote Sustainable Branding

When we hear the word “cork” we instantly relate it to wine. However, you will be surprise to know that cork has a wide range of applications such as in the manufacture of bags, accessories, and furniture. A shifting consciousness towards the use of sustainable materials is one of the reasons for this sudden interest in cork-based products. With sustainable branding gaining popularity today, the demand for cork promotional products will increase for sure.

We have previously posted about cork bags, coasters, cellphone cases, and household items, but in this blog, we will share with you unique bar and home products made out of cork.

Check out these awesome cork-based products from a trade show we have visited recently.

1. Recycled Cork Stool – This unique recycled cork stool really caught our attention during the trade show. It is made out of cork stoppers glued together, creating a unique texture and visual appeal. Unlike other stools, this one is lightweight and sturdy.

2. Cork Stool – They are so many variations of this cork stool. They can be made from solid cork or use them with another material such as metal. These are ideal for bars and restaurants.

The legs are made from metal to support weight while the seat is made from cork.

Here is another unique style. the seat resembles a cork stopper while the body is made from metal. Its sleek and simple design makes it an excellent furniture piece at cafes, restaurants, and bars.

3. Wine Rack – This wine rack takes wine promotion to a whole new level. We are so used to seeing wooden wine racks but this one is different in that the whole structure is cork-based. The hexagonal style ensures that the weight is evenly distributed.

4. Ice Bucket – You can choose from plain ice bucket with stainless steel or one without. Either way, these custom ice buckets will surely serve its purpose of keeping drinks cold!

This one has a built-in stainless steel bowl which protects cork from being constantly exposed to water.

5. Table Display – Cute counter top displays such as this cutout would make a fantastic centerpiece at bars, restaurants, and events. You can custom design them to your brand name and you can also have them dyed a certain color to match your branding requirements.

6. Customizability –  As you can see, aside from its natural light brown color, corks can be dyed a certain color to give them a distinct character.

Relevance – Cork is that one product that you easily associate with wine. Therefore, to further create a positive association towards your brand, we suggest offering customers something that will remind them of your products.

Brand Recall – The uniqueness of the products are enough to grab attention and keep customers interested. Your products will surely leave a lasting impact to your target audience. This, in turn, will create positive association with your brand in the long run.

Practical and High Utility – When given as gift with purchase, it will surely encourage customers to make the purchase. Being high-utility makes it an ideal wine promotional product.

Positive Brand Positioning – Offering branded eco-friendly promotional products are not only good for he environment but also good for your company’s reputation. Branding each item with your company name or logo could significantly improve your image. Furthermore, this could help you convey your stance on important environmental issues.

Sustainable – What is great wit cork is that it is a sustainable material, 100% eco-friendly, and is recyclable. Manufacturers harvest the bark from the same tree every 10 years, thus the trees are not cut down. Therefore, cork harvesting does not affect the habitat of animals that thrive in cork forests.

Termite, Water, and Fire-Resistant – These characteristics make cork a valuable material for manufacturing furniture, building materials, and of course, making of items that get a lot of use such as coasters, cup sleeves, and bags.

Sturdy – As cork is resistant to water and heat and insect infestations, this ensures that your cork custom promotional products are sturdy enough to last for many years. This also means prolonged exposure to your branding.

Flexible – When it comes to manufacturing furniture and upholstery, cork is an excellent alternative to leather and wood. Great texture, soft to the touch, and extremely flexible, they can be made into virtually anything you want. They make great packaging for wine and food products because it absorbs shock so well.

Cost Efficient – Cork is much more affordable than wood and leather, yet it also offers the same durability and functionality.

Cork is a sustainable material that offers valuable advertising advantages for the wine industry. More importantly, you can transform them to any shape and form you want. Not only are they suitable for the drinks industry, but they also work great for other industries.

How about you, would these cork promotional products augment your brand campaign? If you are interested in these custom cork products, please o not hesitate to contact our team. Reference product code 2567 if you would like to get a quote.

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Cork Coasters with cute designs will surely get your customers talking about your brand. They will surely add a unique appeal to your tables. They also work great as on-pack offers or gift with purchase.

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