Boost your Brand Visibility with Custom Embroidered Patches

Last updated: 12-10-2019

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Boost your Brand Visibility with Custom Embroidered Patches

Custom embroidered patches are an effective and simple branding solution for your business. They are very versatile and can be used for many different purposes.

The Oaks Scout Campsite has several custom embroidered patches that come in different designs, each representing a different meaning.

One of the patches represents The Oaks Campsite Leicestershire while another represents The Royal Navy. The other patches display different symbols such as cooking and cycling. They represent skills that a Scout should possess. It can be noticed that all the patches feature the Oaks Campsite’s logo.

Next, we will discuss the various benefits of using custom embroidered patches and discover how they are a good marketing and promotional tool for your business.

In conclusion, custom embroidered patches are great for promotions. As these custom promotional items are widely used, you can be sure to gain brand exposure and visibility! They are also inexpensive and durable, which makes every cent spent worth it.

Are you convinced on using custom embroidered patches yet? You are in luck! The ODM Group has years of experience in designing, sourcing and manufacturing custom promotional merchandise and custom promotional giveaways for business. In addition, we have a dedicated team of in-house designers who will assist with your design needs. Therefore, you can expect high quality service that matches your promotional needs. Feel free to drop us an inquiry today!

Another great promotional item is – promotional card holders! Compact and practical for everyday use, these items will greatly increase your brand exposure.

With the New Year approaching, why not consider using promotional red packets? Add value to your branding and strengthen your brand prevalence while celebrating the festive season.

Check out this other promotional idea featuring a custom organiser. This item is useful for organising red packets and also functions as a wallet! To find out how, be sure to check this blog out!

Lastly, we love this co-branding idea involving a branded gift pack by Rilakkuma and Darlie. Co-branding is a useful marketing strategy worth considering.

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