Turning Your Services Business into a Coaching Business  | Website

Last updated: 10-22-2019

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Turning Your Services Business into a Coaching Business  | Website

If you offer services to business owners, from content writing to administrative assistance, believe it or not you can turn this around into a coaching business for an added and lucrative income stream. A business coach can truly offer a lot of help to a struggling business owner who needs to find direction, organization, and grow a business. A business coach can offer help from start-up, to launch, to continued growth to a business owner.

That’s why you can turn your services business into a coaching business. You already have a niche that you’ve become an expert in. If you’ve been providing services to a variety of clients within your niche over time, you’ve developed expertise learned on the job that can be used to help so many future clients so much more than simply providing services to them. What’s more, the income you can earn as a coach can outshine what you are currently making as a service provider.

Depending upon your niche, your coaching packages need to make sense. You’re either going to provide specific coaching related to your niche or you can provide general planning coaching for start-ups also related to your niche.

For example, if you are a virtual assistant who specializes in social media marketing, you can provide coaching services to clients about creating a social media marketing action plan and then how to implement the action plan. If you currently write content for your clients, you can now offer coaching that teaches others how to create a content strategy for their business, and how to implement the strategy.

If you’re not comfortable coaching one on one, you don’t have to. You can use software to help you create a coaching program where most of your coaching is done on a one-to-many basis with only your most dedicated clients purchasing one-to-one coaching plans (which are, of course, your most expensive offerings). That’s if you choose to even offer one-to-one coaching opportunities. You can be a coach without doing that.

If you want to add coaching to your offerings as a service provider, start your business right. Invest in some tools of the trade such as coaching software, coaching forms and documents. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. You can purchase ready-made forms, documents, and coaching tools that you can personalize for your own business and your own niche to make the perfect coaching program.

Starting carefully by offering an eCourse or two, then moving to webinars, and perhaps a membership website, then adding one-to-one coaching last is a great way to move yourself comfortably and smoothly from service provider to expert business coach.

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