How To Get Clients For Your Social Media Agency

Last updated: 11-11-2019

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How To Get Clients For Your Social Media Agency

Social media agencies are those who do business all across the globe, reach as many customers as they can, improve sales, and create a better experience for their users.

If you’re among the lucky ones who own or work in a social media agency, your mission is to make sure your clients gain their well-deserved recognition.

Whether you’re new or you have some experience in the business, there are a few essential elements if you want to be successful and master the management of social networks.

Let’s dive in and explore the insights to help you grow your customer list and increase your communication strategy with your current and future clients!

Booming social media agencies take promoting their work very seriously. Plan to place your agency as an industry leader. Find the niche you’re perfect at or very comfortable with and go for it.

Do this by making a plan to appear on relevant podcasts, attend related industry conferences, and publish well-documented posts on your blog or guest blog posts.

Here are five steps to start landing clients for your social media marketing agency:

Identify the best skills of your agency, what kind of social media platforms you know best as a marketer, and what added value you can bring to your clients.

Make sure you understand your clients' profile and how you can attract them. Know what they are interested in and also what their social media status is.

With Socialinsider, you can benchmark them even before they become your clients. This way, you'll be able to focus on their strengths and weaknesses, while creating a strategy draft before actually starting to work for them.

You can monitor their fans' evolution, total engagement, top posts, the average number of posts in a day, the average engagement in a day or in a period, and many more.  You can even compare this data with their competitors.

Also, do more networking offline. If you are thinking of offline sources, it's an excellent idea to start going to conferences and conventions and meet new clients there.

After all this extensive research, show this data to your potential clients. Having the possibility to download a complete report of your activity is a great win, and using Socialinsider, you can have a branded report in only a few minutes.

Then you can message potential clients and send proposals, or try to wrap-up an attractive newsletter for them so that you keep their interest high and showcase what you can deliver.

Using savvy sales pitches, you can show your potential clients data they haven't seen before.

Keep track of how many clients you reach out to every month. This is an important indicator to realize the conversion rate of your messages and the marketing promotion you are doing.

Networking on social groups and communities can be an excellent advantage for your business.

Join groups related to strongpoints of yours as well as the interests of your potential customers.

Interact with users that have similar interests, and try to offer advice to those who may be potential customers for you.

Use videos and images with a call to action to your site

These days social media is a lot about visuals, so this can be the key to a successful social media marketing strategy.

Use videos and images with a call to action to your site. For example, you can post a short teaser video and let those interested know that the full version is available on your website.

Facebook pages act as profiles for businesses, while groups are more like places for interaction with users of similar interests. These are three ways you can use a Facebook group to benefit your business:

You can't successfully run a social media agency without having all your ducks in a row. By this, I refer to keeping a close eye on your projects, how they progress along the way, which tasks require immediate attention, and so on.

Luckily, there's plenty of work management software out there to choose from - perhaps too many. To save you the effort, remember that an ideal one should allow you to:

Paymo already packs these mentioned features in a neat interface, coupled up with time tracking so you know how much it takes to optimize a campaign or write a post.

Making informed decisions means that you must dive into your social media metrics and KPIs (key performance indicators) are your beacons for this.

By analysing the data, you can better understand what interests your audience the most so that you focus more on content they want.

Some of the metrics can be found in the native app's analytics, but for some, you should dig a little bit and continuously monitor them.

Let's take Instagram content insights, for example. Here are the metrics you'll see directly from the app vs. Socialinsider's dashboard.

With an integrated analytics tool for all these channels, you can have a full picture and create a broad and cross channel marketing strategy.

This will allow you to increase your campaigns' impact across the board.

Let's discover how you can benefit from the power of data:

There are some key metrics you may want to follow to give you an overview of what's happening and what to do next: posts, engagement, fans growth, fan count, average engagement per post, average engagement rate per post.

By analyzing your competitors' profile content, you will understand their marketing strategies and what you need to do to outperform them.

Look at their top posts, how their profile picture looks like, what campaigns are they running.

Learn what competitive analysis means and understand how to analyze your competition on social media to sustain a competitive advantage. Discover how to start a competitive analysis on Instagram with Socialinsider!

Hashtags were first created on Twitter in 2007, but since then, they were embraced by all major social media platforms. They are great because they work as a hyperlink and encompass similar content.

Using Socialinsider, you'll be able to measure the performance of any Instagram hashtag (or Twitter if that's the case) and understand the impact of the hashtag campaigns based on engagement or type of content.

You can start with free discussions, free lessons that provide meaningful information, and also can include Pro webinars that are available only by payment.

You should target your audience with ads on social media that will promote what the webinars can teach them and what your agency can provide in addition to those webinars.

This is a great way to show prospective clients that you can provide valuable information and that your agency has the skills to promote their business and achieve the results that they are looking for.

Testimonials are one of the most powerful marketing tools. The recommendation of a satisfied client, who confirms the quality of your services, has a substantial impact on convincing others to work with you.

To get as many testimonials from your clients, without being spammy, try asking a specific question or give them a testimonial survey to make the process super-easy. After that, post those testimonials on your website and social media because happy clients become evangelists and will bring more soon.

You can also leverage the power of review platforms to increase your brands visibility and reputation.

If you want to get clients for your social media agency, here are some tips you should know:

Social media done right requires time, dedication and a lot of work.

Save time in your creative process and be one step ahead of your competition with Socialinsider.

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