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Last updated: 11-25-2019

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Ways to Market Your New Business on a Budget | Website Designs Content

Most businesses are on a budget when they start up. It’s important to know how to market using a budget but it’s also important to ensure that you set a budget that is realistic for what you want to achieve. After all, marketing is an investment in your business and not one that should be cut when you need more sales. In fact, once you perfect marketing, you should increase marketing to get more business, not decrease it.

Social media pages and profiles do not replace a website, in fact a website complements and acts as a focus point for all of your online activities. A website doesn’t have to cost the earth, in fact many of the solutions I offer are easily within reach of all business owners and remember a website should help your sales and marketing activities along with customer retentions, etc. Contact me if you need help.

How we publish content has changed a lot over the years, but content is still king. Content needs to be relevant and useful. It must provide value to the user in a way that they can perceive. Content must be posted on an ongoing basis and have a purpose and a goal in mind, while speaking directly to the laser-focused audience of one. Plus, content can be in many different forms today, from text to voice to video and everything in between. The more types, the better.

Like a website, having an email list is an imperative and is not going anywhere anytime soon. Email marketing is still offering an amazing return on investment when conducted using data and research to perfect the marketing efforts using a plan.

Social media marketing is something you want to participate in, but remember that any social network can be here today and gone tomorrow. All content should originate on your website and then be promoted out from there to other networks.

One effective newer technology is webinars. Hosting webinars, speaking at webinars, and other types of live online events are great ways to build your brand, establish authority, and ultimately build your email list – better than gated content because people are used to the idea that you must register for a webinar.

You should be where your audience is. If they read a certain industry publication, blog, or social media group, you should be there offering support, advice, and commentary (if not running the show). The more people see your name or your business name, the more they are going to trust you.

If you really want to be considered an authority on your topic, a tried-and-true method is to write a book and then promote the book and yourself as an author. Today you can do this by self-publishing easily and free on Kindle and CreateSpace. But, if you do have a great idea, don’t discount trying to get a traditional publisher too.

The most important aspect of all types of marketing is to use technology to collect the data from your efforts so that you can study it. You want to do what works best for every avenue based on the numbers, not on your assumptions.

Marketing your new business on a budget can be challenging. But, since marketing is an investment that provides a return on investment rather than a true expense, as you perfect any marketing plan you can invest more as time moves forward. When you use data to do more of what works and less of what is not working, you will cut wasted expenditures and create a snowball effect for your marketing plans that works wonders.

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