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Last updated: 12-18-2019

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Should You Outsource Your Social Media Marketing? | Website Designs

Lots of business owners decide to hire someone to manage their social media for them, they outsource their social media management for a number of reasons. Many consider it to be a chore that they would rather have handled by an outside expert. Many business people simply might not have the skills in house, and don’t want to add to their staff members to fulfill this role.

However, speaking generally outsourcing your social media means handing over the representation of your brand to people who don’t really understand it, as well as you do and to whom you are just another client on a long list of businesses who all want to get noticed on social media.

There can be a learning curve for each social network you decide to join, but in most cases you as a business owner are going to be your own best brand advocate.  It’s like selling, no one sells better than the business owner because they have the most passion. Similarly you understand exactly what your brand represents and what you are trying to portray through your brand to your audience.

Your business mission statement, USP and business plan should focus your efforts. Brand is like a “shortcut” for instant recognition. If we hear McDonald’s, Nike or Coke, we immediately know what they do or sell, and what their values as a business are (whether or not we agree with them).

In most cases, social media marketers are just trying to get their job done. They are posting content regularly just for the sake of posting. They don’t necessarily take the time to analyze the best content to post and when to post, nor does the content have to have a reason for existing. They also probably don’t interact with others who engage with you. If they simply crank out post after post, it might not reflect well on your business… the content needs to have a purpose.

In addition, posting too often can actually mean LESS engagement because each post will push down the previous post, which means that some of your best content might not be seen due to poor quality content taking its place.

Another reason for doing your social media marketing in-house is to keep your finger on the pulse of who is trying to contact you. Depending on the network you are using, you might be contacted by people who have genuine opportunities you might wish to explore, such as at LinkedIn.

Another important thing to note is that participating on a social media networks when you are a business is quite different from when you are an individual. A lot of people who are experienced social media marketers started out with their own personal accounts and decided they enjoyed it so much they want to make a career out of it. However, this most definitely does not mean that they are able to represent a brand and business effectively, or even know all of the most important features of the network/s they are using.

Managing your Facebook business page, for example, is a very important skill that needs to be handled strategically. Treat your page as you would a full website, by including everything they need to know about your business. Include your logo, an attractive top image, and publish content consistently with high-quality images that show what your business is all about.

The best approach that I have found that works is a hybrid type approach but it starts with your own website having lots of original content contained within its blog. This content can be automatically scheduled and shared on a regular basis without anyone having to do anything. Further curated content can also be scheduled to be automatically shared. This gives businesses a boast as they get to share their own content and industry based content which helps fulfill the needs of their audience.

The growth of audience members can be outsourced, or learned… for example I actively grew my own Twitter account to 100,000 followers in twelve months… and I now utilize this to grow my Facebook page.

The business should regularly visit each social media network, post additional items and answer all questions, etc… it is this personal involvement that is hard to outsource, so don’t… outsource the grunt work and do what you do best, interact with potential customers.

Some tips to Outsource your social media marketing

Sounds simple doesn’t it, given the importance of social media nowadays its something every business needs to get right. If you would like to talk to me, feel free to contact me and I’ll try give whatever advice I can, and if you want me to sort this aspect of your business for you, that’s even better.

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