20 Simple Ways to Integrate Social Media with Traditional Marketing

Last updated: 02-19-2020

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20 Simple Ways to Integrate Social Media with Traditional Marketing

It is becoming less and less often that I see a national brand, or even a local Mom and Pop store without some form of social media profile.  This is a good thing. However, more often than not they are only using Facebook and social profiles are not integrated with other marketing communications, or worse yet, not even tied to their traditional marketing strategy. Businesses need to be thinking strategically as to how to integrate social media into everything they do in marketing.

Wherever there it the potential to communicate with a consumer, there is the potential for integration. In teaching my graduate level social media marketing courses, it is often noted students can see so many potential areas their employers could integrate a social element. Many times a quick assessment of the competitions social media presence can incite a few ideas.

Traditional marketing and social marketing must be integrated and nurtured in order to realize the full potential of a very powerful combo. Without fully integrating the two, businesses can take on great risks related to over-dependence on one or over-use of another. Businesses must define their strategy, roles, and expectations of social media before both integration and implementation of a social strategy.

This month we visit concept #12 from my series 15 Social Media Concepts to Make you a More Marketable Social Media Professional:

Concept 12:  The importance of integrating traditional with social strategy.  This is often easier said than done and involves a lot of time, people, and patience.

Social is also a great way to help clarify the messages you send through traditional marketing.  With social media, you can create a dialogue with your customers to ensure the right messages are relayed. The key is consistency and relevancy. Integration of social media with traditional marketing requires the understanding that there are differences between the ways we communicate.  Keep in mind, anywhere communication becomes interactive can be considered a form of social media. With social, we are now talking with our customers as opposed to atthem via traditional methods. Likewise, social media is both outbound marketing and inbound marketing.

The following are just a few ways you can easily integrate social with existing traditional Marketing initiatives. Note that not all are suitable for all readers:

If you would like more information on any of the above tactics, please let me know in the comments below or contact me via Twitter @drjrogers.

Integrating social media and traditional marketing can be challenging. The right mixture of social and traditional ensures maximized positive results.  Keep in mind, if multiple people are representing the brand on social, tone of voice should be uniform across all marketing communication and should represent the brands image.

What local businesses in your area are “doing it right”? What about national brands? Comment below.

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