How to Approach Instagram Influencers the Right Way and Not Scare Them Off [Infographic]

Last updated: 03-09-2020

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How to Approach Instagram Influencers the Right Way and Not Scare Them Off [Infographic]

Think you’ve found the right Instagram influencer to work for your brand? Then make sure you approach them the right way.

You’ve been longingly checking out some Instagram influencers and thinking about how wonderful you could be together—you, a social media manager working with an amazing brand, and the influencer, a person with some serious social clout.

But before you reach out to the subject of your social media interest, you have to put some work into that approach. (And if you’re new to social media marketing, you’ll definitely want to avoid these rookie influencer marketing mistakes.)

The following infographic by iFluenz is chock full of tips for approaching Instagram influencers in a way that honors their time—and yours—and best demonstrates how you could have a solid working relationship.

Here are just two highlights from the infographic:

“72% of influencers say personal alignment with their brand is the most important factor that influences their decision to work with brands,” according to the infographic.

Is your brand in alignment with theirs? Take time to look deep into an influencer’s feed, get to know the voice and style of the influencer, what is valued, what is the focus, etc.

You want to be sure to align yourself with a brand that is akin to yours, so the relationship between you and the influencer makes sense.

You (obviously) think the world of your own brand. But why should an influencer care about it?

Know the reasons why an influencer (or a micro-influencer) should want to get involved with your brand …. and know this long before you reach out to the influencer.

Make sure you can support your pitch with details, so you’re not left resorting to vague statistics or just empty promises. You need your pitch to be strong and focused. Provide influencers with a clear picture of the benefits for their brand when they are in a relationship with your brand.

Want to know more about how to approach an influencer? Check out the infographic:

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