An Unlikely Tip for Motivating Someone to Be More Generous

Last updated: 12-28-2019

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An Unlikely Tip for Motivating Someone to Be More Generous

You already know fresh air and a daily park stroll has incredible benefits for your mental and physical health. Research continues to show that being around greenery (inside or outside) makes a dramatic difference in how you function and operate.

The next time you see an office plant, know that it is more than a great aesthetic feature--according to Washington State University researchers, plants have a profound effect on your productivity and ability to concentrate in the workplace.

As plants help you recover from stress, increase concentration, and improve productivity, there is one other superpower greenery appears to have: affecting how much of something you receive.

If you're in need of a loan from a friend or colleague, consider this: according to research from the University of Rochester, exposure to nature makes people more generous.

Participants in the study looked at images of natural or non-natural scenes, listening to instructions on caring for their environment. They were asked to imagine the sounds and smells of the scene, and to concentrate on the textures and colors they saw. Both before and after viewing the scenes, participants were told to discuss their life goals. In a study similar to this one, researchers gave participants $5, saying they could keep it or give to an anonymous participant.

The results? Individuals who viewed the natural scenery were more likely to give value to goals of an intrinsic nature rather than extrinsic. Plus, these participants who had been exposed to greenery were more likely to give away their $5.

According to the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley, other ways of encouraging people to give more include:

If you have used up these methods already, the least you can do is recall that the more immersed someone is in nature, the more generous they may become.

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