Benefits of Video Marketing For Local Business

Last updated: 01-12-2020

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Benefits of Video Marketing For Local Business

Many local or small businesses are already wearing many hats to remain competitive and be successful. Do you really want to add video marketing on top of everything else you are doing? The short answer is YES. Video marketing for local business is a must!

The benefits far outweigh the effort. Video marketing is one of the most effective ways to attract traffic, engage your audience, and increase sales.

YouTube has over 2 billion million monthly users. If you aren’t using video, your competitors are. There are many benefits of video marketing.

Below are some of the many benefits of video marketing.

Creating your video doesn’t require any fancy equipment, and many of us already have what we need to get started. Getting your video online is free through many services such as YouTube.

In the “olden days”, the only place you could get your video seen by thousands, or even millions, was by advertising on TV which can be VERY expensive.

In addition, inevitably you are paying to have your commercial shown to people who aren’t likely to ever become your customers.

With video marketing, you can laser target your videos to reach a specific audience and market to that audience, so that your message gets in front of the right people.

And luckily, even though people outside your market may view your videos, it doesn’t have to cost you a penny to have them see it.

Online marketing is much easier to track than traditional media venues with the availability of detailed analytics and tracking,

From how many times your videos are viewed, to how many people ordered your product or service because of a video, you have these statistics at your fingertips 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

One important thing to realize is that today’s customer is Internet and tech-savvy. Just because they’re in your local area it doesn’t mean they know how to find you.

People no longer look in the Yellow pages when searching for something. They “Google” it. They’re searching online, looking for reviews and recommendations before they visit your store or office.

If they can’t find you online, then they aren’t going to walk through your door. Video helps you get in front of a local audience that is already looking online for a business like yours.

Video marketing can be a great source of extra traffic to your website. No, you’re probably not going to see millions of visitors every day, and you may not become a YouTube sensation.

But you can certainly grow your targeted traffic and turn many of those visitors into paying customers and clients.

Having a video on your website increases the length of time a visitor stays on your website, especially if your video is engaging and compelling.

People want to do business with people who know what they’re doing. Online video provides you with the opportunity to show that you’re knowledgeable in your area of expertise.

Whether you’re a cosmetic dentist demonstrating a specific procedure or a lawyer advising fathers on how to get fair access to their children, informative videos show you to be a professional that potential customers can turn to for advice.

Not only do people look for businesses that know what they’re doing, they want to trust them, and in some way, feel like they know them.

Video helps create a more meaningful connection to viewers to a much greater extent than text or images alone.

As a business owner, you already know that it’s easier to get an existing customer to buy from you again than it is to acquire a new customer.

Current customers are the bread and butter of your business. There’s no doubt about that. Of course, it’s essential to keep growing your clientele.

But, it’s also crucial that you stay in the mind of customers who have purchased from you before. Video is a great way to do that.

Whether it’s providing helpful how-to information or sending a video message of thanks, there is so much potential to tap into with video marketing.

Are you ready to get started with video marketing?

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